Michelle's Journal- June 2020

This past month has been more than a whirlwind. I do not even know where to begin. Towards the end of may i was so disheartened about my business and being creative. I had enough of the many disappointments that’s kept taking place. Lockdown was so unexpected and caused me to put many things on hold. That wasn’t even the worst yet, with so much distraught happening in the world and towards Black Men especially it didn't even seem important to promote my brand. Ahmaud Aubery's death really shook me, i was so angry and frustrated by the lack of respect for human life. Then things got even worse when that video of George Flyod was released on social media. Enough was enough 

The BLM has done so much in helping our voices be heard. Im so glad to be apart of a generation that refuses to be mistreated any longer. 

In the times when all was going wrong, Sincerely Nude was getting so much recognition from sought out magazines. We were published in Elle and Telegraph Fashion!!  We also finally reached over 10k followers on Instagram which was a goal of mine by june. We had gotten over 2000 followers in the space of 3 days. it was amazing and i was in disbelief! We couldn’t have done it without all our supporters who kept on sharing our company on social media. Thank you. 



If that wasn't a blessing enough we also were picked as one of the winners for Clear Channel’s business campaign and received an adscreen in our local area for two weeks FOR FREE. It was such a surreal experience and to this day i cannot stop looking at the pictures.




This experience has shown me that even in times of uncertainty to never give up on yourself and your vision. Things will get better and you are not alone. My faith in God has been such a testament in times when my mental health was on an all time low. It has just taught me to keep doing my best and believe that the hard work will reap its rewards.

Michelle x


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